Controlling the impact of our company on the environment is a long-term initiative. We are not only concerned with human health, but also the health of the environment, so our company aims to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the business, including working with suppliers and traders who prioritize sustainability.

Since 2016, we have been concerned with modernizing the company's sectors without neglecting the support of sustainable practices, so we started with the establishment of a straw pellet factory that allowed us to replace the classic methods of thermal heating with straw pellet heating as a green alternative.

Subsequently, in 2019, we set up the first solar park system. With an installed capacity of approximately 120 KWh, our livestock farm now operates on the basis of green energy, independent of the public grid.

We are continuing the project on thermal heating from vegetable waste so that in 2020, we will set up a straw briquette factory in Cuza Vodă commune, Călărași County. At present, our company can produce 500 kg/h of straw pellets and 600 kg/h of briquettes of straw for the thermal heating used on our farm, but also for sale to the residents of nearby communes.

The coming years will come with new challenges and eco-sustainable development strategies. In 2023 we plan to expand the solar system park with another 200 Kwh that will ensure the energy consumed in the slaughterhouse and butcheries. We will thus be able to be completely independent of the public electricity network, an objective that fulfills our desire to be completely friends with nature.

Examples of environmental practices we support in our company:

  • training of all employees on workplace sustainability policies
  • collaboration with suppliers and traders who prioritize sustainability
  • creating an internal paper and electronic recycling program
  • purchase of low-energy equipment