For us, taste and quality are the most important values. That's why we focus on every ingredient we sprinkle on our products. We have daily delivery to our butcheries, making sure that all our products are fresh and healthy.

Because we have a vegetable farm, a livestock farm, a slaughterhouse, a food production section, and butcheries, we can guarantee that our products are 100% healthy, coming from naturally raised pigs, from which we obtain meat products with a traditional taste.

Our products have a different taste because:

  • We do not produce in industrial quantities, as a result, we are very careful about the quality of our products
  • Animals are raised without growth hormones
  • Our products do not contain meat substitutes and we do not use the injection process on our meat.
  • Our products are smoked only with natural beech wood smoke
  • We own a feed factory that feeds the animals on our farm according to our own recipe
  • Our products are only freshly refrigerated and delivered daily to butcheries

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