Our swine farm has an area of 10 ha. and has a production capacity of about 10,000 pigs each year. The 14 pig shelters have a complete flow divided into five functional sectors: breeding, gestation, maternity, piglet, and fattening.

Located in the village of Ceacu, Cuza Voda commune, 10 km from Calarasi, our farm is a commercial farm that was first opened in the year 2000. It is therefore over 20 years since we chose to embark on this adventure, years in which we had with us professional people with the necessary experience that led to the continuous upgrade of the functional sectors within the farm.

Over time, we have built the feed factory for our own use, the place where feed mixes are made for all categories of animals. Pork feed recipes are optimized and have as raw materials the cereals obtained by us from the vegetable farm. The fodder kitchen has a storage capacity of approximately 1500 tons, to which we will add (project included in the strategy for 2022) another 4 storage cells of 6000 tons.

Respecting the technological processes and according to the animal welfare, all the shelters are equipped with computers for monitoring microclimate parameters (temperature, humidity, and speed of air currents), as well as facilities for automatic transport of feed (automatic feeding).

We do not use hormones or other growth stimulants on our farm. We are proud of the fact that the pigs on our farm are fed healthy, with grains produced by us, grains "helped" by natural fertilizers. Our main goal is to deliver healthy products!