Our company works over 2000 hectares of agricultural land, with a warehouse of over 10,000 tons. The grain production is used as fodder for its own livestock farm, as well as for its sale to the big international grain traders.

We work over 2000 hectares of agricultural land in Călărași County, agricultural land that produces not only the grains needed for our own pig farm, but also for sale to large traders or processing factories.

Our team consists of specialists in the field of agricultural technology, with experienced and competent people who manage to bring high-performance results.

The main crops that predominate year after year are wheat and corn. However, the agricultural crop structure of our company also contains rapeseed, barley, spring barley, sunflower, and fodder peas. The fertilization of the exploited lands is carried out mostly with natural fertilizers that contain manure from the pig farm.

The storage capacity of the vegetable farm is constantly expanding, currently having silos and warehouses where we can store over 10,000 tons of grains.